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The Reader's Guide to Wuthering Heights

Read the Novel

Because of its age, Wuthering Heights is out of copyright so there are many ways to read it, free or cheaply.


PDF file icon I have created an Acrobat PDF of the novel, professionally set (I am a graphic designer), with contents and a hyperlinked index. The size is 1.25 MB zipped and can be downloaded by clicking on PDF novel.


HTML page icon I have created an HTML version of the book available here. The whole HTML set can be downloaded as a ZIP file by clicking here. There are several other HTML versions available such as Bibliomania. Just search in Google.


Plain text icon A plain text version of the book can be freely downloaded from Project Gutenberg.

Printed Book

Book icon There are many different printed versions of the book available, in all prices and qualities. They can often be found in cheap book shops for as little as £1 or online. You can also buy a version set by me with index and genealogies from Lulu (see here).

Kindle/Mobipocket Format

Kindle icon Kindle is the excellent ebook reader from Amazon. I have created this version from my online html version of the book. Naturally it is properly formatted with indents and a table of contents, and includes the images at the beginning of each chapter and my sub-headings. The size is 1.04 MB (because of the graphics) and can be downloaded here.

If you don't want the graphics, a text-only version with my sub-headings (524 kB) is also available here.

Finally, there is the book as Emily intended with no graphics or sub-headings available here: PRC format | MOBI format | EPUB format .

Wuthering Heights
in other languages

If you are looking to read the novel in another language, these are some of the titles you should be looking for. (If you know of any others, please let me know).

English English “Wuthering Heights”
albanian Albanian “Shtëpia Udhëring”
“Lartësitë e Stuhishme”
bulgarian Bulgarian „Брулени хълмове“
catalan Catalan “Cims borrascosos”
chinese Chinese 呼啸山庄 or 咆哮山莊
croation Croatian „Orkanski Visovi“
czech Czech „Na větrné hůrce“
danish Danish »Stormfulde højder«
dutch Dutch „Woeste Hoogten“
estonian Estonian „Vihurimäe“
french French « Les Hauts de Hurlevent »
german German „Sturmhöhe“
greek Greek «Ανεμοδαρμένα Ύψη»
hungarian Hungarian „Üvöltő szelek”
icelandic Icelandic „Fýkur yfir hæðir“
italian Italian « Cime tempestose »
japanese Japanese 嵐ヶ丘 (Arashi ga Oku)
korean Korean 폭풍의 언덕 or 워더링 하이츠
macedonian Macedonian „Оркански височини“
norwegian Norwegian «Stormfulle høyder»
polish Polish „Wichrowe Wzgórza”
portuguese Portuguese “O Monte dos Vendavais”
“O Morro dos Ventos Uivantes”
“Colina dos Vendavais”
romanian Romanian „La rascruce de vanturi“
russian Russian «Грозовой перевал»
serbian Serbian „Оркански висови“
slovakian Slovakian „Búrlivé výšiny“
spanish Spanish “Cumbres Borrascosas”
swedish Swedish ”Svindlande Höjder”
turkish Turkish “Uğultulu Tepeler”