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The Reader's Guide to Wuthering Heights

Famous scenes and list of narrators

Wuthering Heights has many famous scenes so you may need to know where in the novel they happened. In the table, the right hand column indicates roughly where in the chapter the scene begins, useful if you have a printed copy. The page icon in the left column will take you directly to it in the online version.

Famous Scenes

Catherine's ghost

Link to chapter Catherine's ghost Catherine's ghost appears at a window and begs to be let in Ch 3, halfway
Link to chapter Heathcliff's arrival Heathcliff's first appearance as a child, brought from Liverpool by Mr Earnshaw. Ch 4, halfway
Link to chapter Catherine and Heathcliff at Thrushcross Grange Catherine and Heathcliff visit Thrushcross Grange for the first time and Catherine remains there. Ch 6, halfway
Link to chapter Heathcliff runs away Catherine accepts Edgar's proposal and pours out her heart to Ellen. Heathcliff overhears and runs away from Wuthering Heights. Ch 9, one quarter
Link to chapter Heathcliff returns Heathcliff returns after three years away. Ch 10, one quarter
Link to chapter Edgar and Heathcliff fight Edgar finds Heathcliff at Thrushcross Grange and they briefly fight. Ch 11, halfway
Link to chapter Catherine in delirium Catherine tears her pillow apart in delirium and then wishes to be back at Wuthering Heights. Ch 12, one quarter
Link to chapter The final meeting Heathcliff meets Catherine for the final time before she dies. Ch 15, one third
Link to chapter Catherine's death Catherine dies and her daughter is born. Ch 16, beginning
Link to chapter Heathcliff visits Catherine's body Heathcliff visits Catherine's body before the funeral and intertwines his hair with hers in a locket. Ch 16, end
Link to chapter The clash at Wuthering Heights Heathcliff fights with Hindley, and Isabella flees. Ch 17, one third
Link to chapter Meeting on the road Cathy meets Heathcliff on the road at the edge of the park. Ch 22, two thirds
Link to chapter Cathy held captive Cathy and Ellen are held captive by Heathcliff where the former tries to take the key from his hand. Ch 27, halfway
Link to chapter Heathcliff removes the side of Catherine's coffin Before Edgar's funeral, Heathcliff pays the sexton to uncover Catherine's grave where he removes the side of her coffin. Ch 29, halfway
Link to chapter Heathcliff digs up Catherine's coffin Heathcliff digs down to Catherine's coffin to embrace her body but, note, he doesn't actually reach her. Ch 29, two thirds
Link to chapter Cathy and Hareton become friends Cathy decides that she wants to be friends with Hareton and he accepts a book as a gift. Ch 32, two thirds
Link to chapter Death of Heathcliff Heathcliff is found dead in his chamber. Ch 34, two thirds
Link to chapter Heathcliff and Catherine as ghosts A shepherd boy sees Heathcliff and 'a woman' as ghosts. Ch 34, near the end

List of Narrators

To help you understand the multiple narrators in Wuthering Heights, here is a list of who is describing the story and when. Names in (brackets) indicate minor narration.

Chap Narrators Chap Narrators
1 Lockwood 18 Ellen
2 Lockwood 19 Ellen
3 Lockwood 20 Ellen
4 Lockwood, Ellen 21 Ellen
5 Ellen 22 Ellen
6 Ellen, Heathcliff 23 Ellen
7 Ellen 24 Ellen, Cathy
8 Ellen 25 Ellen, (Lockwood)
9 Ellen (Lockwood) 26 Ellen
10 (Lockwood), Ellen 27 Ellen
11 Ellen 28 Ellen
12 Ellen 29 Ellen, Heathcliff
13 Ellen, Isabella 30 Ellen, Zillah, (Lockwood)
14 Ellen, (Lockwood) 31 Lockwood
15 (Lockwood), Ellen 32 Lockwood, Ellen
16 Ellen 33 Ellen
17 Ellen, Isabella 34 Ellen, Lockwood