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The Reader's Guide to Wuthering Heights

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Wuthering Heights is one of my favourite books. Having read it several times, I re-read it in 2007 and, finding little about it on the Internet, decided to create my own website about it at the same time. With its non-linear timeline and the complicated genealogy, it is not always an easy book for the beginner to read but well worth the effort. If you are just beginning the wonderful tale of Catherine and Heathcliff, hopefully this site will help you along.

The site author

The site concentrates almost totally on the book of Wuthering Heights. Apart from a single page on some of the movies/TV series, and some references in my personal page, it does not delve into the other sisters' books, their lives and works, nor the musicals, theatre shows and songs about Wuthering Heights. If you are interested in these, I suggest you follow some of the other sites on the Links page.

If you wish to contact me, you can use the Feedback Form. If I can help you on aspects of the book, I will (but don't expect me to write an essay for you). If you enjoyed the site and just want to say "thanks", that's fine – it's always good to know that my work has been worth it. I won't reply unless it's necessary but I read every email and appreciate the thanks and comments.

Paul Thompson
Kingsbridge, Devon, (and proud European)
Last major update: December 2016

Using this site as a reference

You are welcome to refer to this site in any private work, as long as you cite this website ( For your information, this site is purely the personal work of myself and has no connections to or sponsorship from any organisation. The site was created in the autumn of 2007 and the last date of any updates to the contents of the site was December 2016 when I added some information on the Brontë biography, To Walk Invisible.

Unfortunately, when I started writing this site, I was doing it for pleasure and did not keep track of the source of all the information. However, I have included "citation boxes" to indicate what type of information is on each page and sources of some information. The information is shown in a blue box on the right with this Citation icon icon.

For commercial use, please contact me personally via the Feedback Form.

Other Information

This site is maintained and hosted completely by myself with occasional money coming from the Google adverts:

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