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Latest Changes to the Site

This page contains a summary of major changes to the site. By 'Bookmarking' (or 'Adding to Favourites') this page, you can learn of any changes by just checking this page.

June 2008

16 May Added a chart of heavy oil production on the Unconventional Oil page.

May 2008

May 2008 Added the Sustainability Example page which shows how one real location might adapt.

12 May 2008 Updated some of the charts for 2007 data.

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November 2007

5 November 2007 Added a new home page for each of the languages.

January 2007

8 January 2007 Added an extra table to the Which Country page looking at present fuel usage. This makes some difference to the final results.

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December 2006

11 November 2006 Added a "Guide to Oil Jargon" as an iPod Notes download.

November 2006

10 November 2006 Added a page looking at which countries may survive peak oil best.

August 2006

29 August 2006 Amended the Oil Map so that the colouring indicates the amount of reserves and also consumption.

4 August 2006 Changed the navigation menu into a nested type. This is because the simpler style was getting too large for any new pages to be added.

1 August 2006 Changed the style sheets to adjust the typography of the layout.

July 2006

24 July 2006 Added a little page to explain the origin of the phrase "the wolf at the door".

17 July 2006 Added a page, Reserve Growth for Dummies, explaining reserve growth with a baked beans analogy..

10 July 2006 Added a chart of uranium reserves on the Nuclear page.

3 July 2006 Updated some of the charts on the Consumption page with 2005 data.

June 2006

21 June 2006 Began updating some charts with the data from the 2006 BP Statistical Review (charts A1 and A2).

May 2006

8 May 2006 Added a new page on the Sustainable Society with information on permaculture and the central place theory.

2 May 2006 Added a section on the Jargon page about Reserve Growth, and rewrote the section about Proven, Probable and Possible figures.

April 2006

18 April 2006 Changed the chart E5 on the Alternative Energy Sources page to show a comparison of primary v actual energy generated.

9 April 2006 Updated the Oil World Map to show ASPO's latest figures (and 2005 consumption).

7 April 2006 Added the extra pages that were on the right of the Home Page to the left hand page links. It makes it rather long and I looked at various JavaScript submenus to shorten it but I like simplicity and if it's good enough for the BBC site...

3 April 2006 Added a map of the Middle East to the Oil Wars page. This shows oil fields, pipelines and US bases.

March 2006

22 March 2006 Changed the oil prices link on the index page so that it links to a special Oil Prices page.

10 March 2006 Added a photograph of M King Hubbert to the Hubbert Curve page.

February 2006

27 February 2006 Added a Timeline page of notable dates in peak oil history.

22 February 2006 The Oil Map now includes countries' peak production years.

20 February 2006 The website is now available in printed form. Go to the Book page to find out more.

17 February 2006 Added a page on Climate Change which may increase later.

8 February 2006 Added 'Saving Energy' and 'Jevons Paradox' to the Efficiency page.

6 February 2006 Updated the Natural Gas page and a greatly enlarged Renewables page..

3 February 2006 Updated the Coal page.

2 February 2006 Updated the Unconventional Oil page.

1 February 2006 Updated the first of the pages rewritten for the book - Nuclear Power.

January 2006

30 January 2006 Added definitions of unconventional oils to the Jargon page. Added the contents pages, a sample chapter and the index of the printed book to the Book page.

16 January 2006 Amended the style sheets so that type is sized by pixels rather than 'medium' or 'smallest'. This means that the site looks as designed whatever the system or browser. If you find the type too small and find that you can't enlarge it, you are probably using Internet Explorer. Switch to Mozilla Firefox which is a far superior browser and will enlarge the type without any problems.

5 January 2006 Added a page with notes about the upcoming printed version of the website.

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November 2005

21 November 2005 Added the Oil Converter page, a JavaScript calculator which converts between various oil measurements. Also added links to minor pages to the index page.

17 November 2005 Added a page on Abiotic Oil with a link from the Objections page (at the suggestion of Ted Schrader).

October 2005

21 October 2005 Added a page on Efficiency about energy conversion.

20 October 2005 Added a section in Jargon containing common Units and Conversions.

17 October 2005 Luís de Sousa has written an excellent mathematical examination of the Hubbert Peak and this has been added here.

10 October 2005 Added a small section to the Unconventional Oils page about coal liquefaction (now moved to the Coal page).

September 2005

26 September 2005 Added a brand new page, Electricity, which shows the difficulties of changing the UK electricity production from fossil fuels to renewables.

21 September 2005 Rewrote the Hydrogen alternative energy page to give a better summary of the disadvantages. Made the small chart images 'pop-up' as well as the yellow titles beneath,

19 September 2005 Added a little globe to the Oil World Map to show the reserves and discovery for the whole world.

5 September 2005 Complete redesign of the website. The new site no longer has frames and I have tried to make it quicker and easier to use. The content has remained the same though.

August 2005

15 August 2005 Added a chart of oil prices on the Aftermath page. Added a newer primary fuel consumption chart on the Alternative Energy page.

9 August 2005 Fixed some links that had become broken during my absence.

8 August 2005 Updated the Oil Map for 2004 figures and expanded it to the top 30 countries (instead of 25). The data now includes present reserves and expected future discoveries.

2 August 2005 Updated some of the charts using the 2005 BP Statistical Review (mostly in Consumption but also Discoveries and Reserves). Charts are marked with **.

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July 2004

15 November 2004 Added a section on the Agriculture page about Cuba's attempt to deal with the loss of oil-based farming.

July 2004

31 July 2004 Updated the Oil World Map for the 2003 figures. The ASPO figures for reserves show a dramatic drop since 2002 as we realise just how dangerous the world's position is.

11 July 2004 Added a page of link images for those who want to link to "Wolf at the Door" and want something more graphic than a text link.

May 2004

18 May 2004 Added some more information on disadvantages to the Hydrogen page.

12 May 2004 Added a page for Polish speakers, containing a PDF of a Polish Powerpoint document on oil depletion.

3 May 2004 Added a section on the ozone layer to the Futures page.

April 2004

29 April 2004 Added a page of links to all the charts to save you (and me) searching through all the pages to find a chart that you (or I) wanted to refer to.

19 April 2004 I decided to expand the subject of the What to Do page: the breakdown of society and how to prepare for it. I have put this into a PDF document called "The Twilight of the Modern World". Available to download on the Further Info page.

6 April 2004 Enough of the pages have been translated into French to make the link on the banner page active. The remaining pages will be added as they are translated by Daniel. Bear in mind that it is still a work in progress so you have to accept a few spelling mistakes, missing links and untranslated portions. The Search pages of both English and French sites now have a popup menu option to search on the whole site, just English or just French pages.

5 April 2004 For the benefit of those who have small screens and browsers, I have created a different frame layout where the banner and navigation bar are at the top. It can be reached from the bottom of the Extra Pages navigation bar [not relevant since the 2005 redesign].

2 April 2004 So many new pages have been added that I redesigned the navigation bar to allow more to be shown [not relevant since 2005 redesign]. All the pages are available on the Site Map page anyway. Added a page on Objections to the oil depletion/Hubbert Curve scenario.

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March 2004

24 March 2004 As there seems to be more news in the media about oil depletion (without actually recognising it), I have added an In the News page with links to stories elsewhere.

8 March 2004 Expanded the Site Map so that it now shows the sections within each page. Elaborated the Future Oil Wars section of the Oil Wars page. Increased the details on the four stages of breakdown in the What to Do page. Added a section on the Shell reserve cut and its effects on the Aftermath page. French translation is under way.

Febuary 2004

20 Feb. 2004 Added a section on EROEI and ERP to the Alternative Energy page.

18 Feb. 2004 Added a page of Prophecies – predictions of what might happen in the future. On the Oil Wars page, created a link to a map of how Iraq might be divided to ease the resistance problem.

9 Feb. 2004 Elaborations on the Hubbert Curve page. Miscellaneous design changes.

6 Feb. 2004 Added some interesting satellite shots to the Aftermath and Agriculture pages, and added more charts to the latter. More additions to the Further Info page.

January 2004

31 Jan. 2004 Added an extra section to the Discoveries page about the discovery curve and its importance.

26 Jan. 2004 Added a Site Map page as many pages are now called from other pages, rather than the navigation bar. This also has a site search button. Added pages on Agriculture and What to Do.

7 Jan. 2004 Added this page and the link on the navigation bar. The date of the latest change will also be shown next to the top banner. Completed converting the popup charts to more detailed pages.

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Sep. 2003 Wolfatthedoor.org.uk was born. I had been interested in oil depletion since 2000 and had added a section to my personal website (www.pthompson.org.uk). Eventually I had so much information that I decided to write a dedicated website.










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