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Abiotic Oil Theory
The Theory | Is it Irrelevant?
Fuel | Power | Economy | Omens | How Will You Know?
The Diesel Farm | Petrochemicals | North Korea | Hope from Cuba | Lessons for the World
Alternative Energy Sources
The Other Fuels | Problems | EROEI
Book (Printed version of this site)

Climate Change
Definition | Effects

Coal (Alternative Energy Source)
Disadvantages | Advantages | Future of Coal | Coal Liquefaction

1970s Oil Shocks | Future Consumption
Example of the USA | Importance of the Discovery Curve | Other Sources of Energy
Definition | Examples | Saving Energy | Jevons Paradox
Power Stations | Future Replacement
French Site Translation
Further Information
Books | Websites | Radio Broadcasts | Downloads

Optimistic | Pessimistic | Ozone Layer | My View (Near Future) | My View (Far Future)

The Hubbert Curve
Example of the US-48 | Applying to the World | Mathematics
Hubbert's Peak Mathematics
USA | World | Conclusions

Hydrogen (Alternative Energy Source)
Production | Storage & Distribution | Summary

The Real Danger | My Aim | Oil Data | Site Usage
General Definitions | Referring to Oil Resources | Units & Conversions
Latest Changes to this Site
Link Images (To link to "Wolf at the Door")
List of Charts

Natural Gas (Alternative Energy Source)
Liquefied Natural Gas | Coal Gas | Future of Gas

Nuclear Power (Alternative Energy Source)
Nuclear Fission | The Future | Nuclear Fusion

The Amount of Oil | Future Discoveries | Production | Alternatives

Oil's Products
Transport | Electricity Generation | Farming | Plastics
Oil Wars
OPEC v Non-OPEC Production | PNAC | Future Oil Wars
The Oil World Map (Flash Movie)
The Olduvai Theory
Polish Powerpoint Page
Production and the Hubbert Curve
Woodpile v Woodland | The Hubbert Curve | Previous Forecasts
Renewables (Alternative Energy)
Biomass | Hydroelectricity | Wind Power | Sea Power | Geothermal | Solar Power
Published Figures | Creaming Curves | 1980s Reserves Fiddle
Reserve Growth for Dummies
The Sustainable Society
Permaculture | Transport | Urban Farms | Social Units
Sustainability Example
Unconventional Oils (Alternative Energy Source)
Oil Shales | Tar Sands | Deepwater
What to Do
Four Stages of Breakdown | Public Actions | Personal Actions
Where does "wolf at the door" come from?
What Countries Will Survive Best?
Agriculture | Energy | Government | Results






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