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The Oil World Map

This is an interactive map in Flash which shows the 30 top countries with the most oil reserves as reported by the ASPO statistics. Moving the mouse over any of the marked countries shows this data:
(a) ranking, (b) name, (c) total of present reserves+discoveries, (d) present reserves and expected future discoveries in brackets, (e) how long their oil would last if the world was using only it*, and (f) the year their production peaked/is expected to peak.
Ranking is based on total reserves (known and future); the length of time also uses this figure.

Note: the map only indicates conventional oil because, with unconventional oils, the production rate is more important than the reserves (see Unconventional Oils). It is misleading to directly compare a conventional oilfield in Saudi Arabia, for instance, with the tar sands fields in Canada.

Oil World Map

*For example, if the world consumed 30 gigabarrels of oil a year and a country's oil reserves were 15 Gb, it would last the world about six months.

The map requires the Flash plugin which can be downloaded free from the Macromedia website.

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