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There are surprisingly few books about the oil crisis (though growing in recent years), considering how many there are about climate change, and they tend to be expensive. Most of your information, like mine, will probably come from websites.

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One of the best sources of books about peak oil, transition, permaculture and other related subjects is Green Books (www.greenbooks.co.uk). As the introduction to their website says:

Green Books logoGreen Books is an independent publishing company, whose aim is to inform and inspire the general reader about environmental, spiritual and cultural issues of our time. We publish around fifteen new titles each year on subjects which include green living, organic gardening, ecological building, eco-politics and green science; We also publish directories, such as The Organic Directory, Organic Places to Stay and Eco-Centres and Courses.

"Future Scenarios" by David Holmgren (Green Books 2009)
David Holmgren, the co-originator of permaculture, looks ahead to four possible scenarios on how the twin threats of peak oil and climate change may plan out.
Website: www.futurescenarios.org | Book: www.greenbooks.co.uk

Other books:

"The Party's Over: Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies" by Richard Heinberg. (Published by Clairview 2003.)
The Peaker's Bible. Sections on energy, fossil fuels in history, peak production, alternative energy sources, the consequences of peak oil and personal strategies. Everybody interested in depletion (and we all will be one day) should have one.

"Hubbert’s Peak: the Impending World Oil Shortage" by Kenneth S. Deffeyes (Princeton University Press 2003)
Now available in paperback and therefore more affordable. The chapters on oil – formation, finding and and extracting – can get rather technical but it is is filled with personal anecdotes and is valuable reading. The Overview alone is worth it.

"The Final Energy Crisis" edited by Andrew McKillop (Pluto Press 2005)
An excellent collection of articles by people such as the editor and Colin Campbell. They go into detail about peak oil, agriculture, economics and the 'after oil' periods.

"The Coming Oil Crisis" by Colin Campbell

"The Essence of Oil and Gas Depletion" by Colin Campbell

"The Long Emergency" by James Howard Kunstler

"Blood and Oil" by Michael Klare

"Peak Oil Prep" by Mick Winter (www.peakoilprep.com)
A book filled with suggestions on how to cope with the effects of peak oil and climate change with many links to suitable websites.

"Oil, Jihad and Destiny" by Ronald R Cooke (www.tceconomist.blogspot.com)
A detailed look at peak oil and the ramifications, written by an experienced cultural economist with a background in industry and market analysis.

"Energy: a Guidebook" by Janet Ramage (Oxford University Press 1997).
An extremely useful introduction to what energy is and the different sources. It is slightly dated (1997 was the latest edition) and the author seems unaware of the peak oil problem, but it is a very handy reference.

Works of Fiction about Peak Oil

"Last Light" by Alex Scarrow (Orion 2007)
An exciting action story about how society could fall apart within a week if oil is cut off.

"Retrieved from the Future" by John Seymour (New European Publications 1996)
John Seymour (of self-sufficiency fame) imagines the collapse of society as oil disappears.

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If you find that a link does not work, try searching for relevant names, or look for links on other live sites.

Recommended Sites

The ASPO organisation website.

BP Statistical Review
The source of statistics for the 'industry view'. Not the most accurate but easily accessible and free.

Busby Report
A detailed view of the problems that face Great Britain in this century (primarily peak oil) and what we would need to do to survive them.

Planet for Life
Another excellent guide to peak oil (USA-based) for those wanting more detail beyond the basics.

Oil Crash
Excellent collection of downloadable files from contributors such as Colin Campbell, Jay Hanson, Walter Youngquist, etc.

PowerSwitch Forum
PowerSwitch is a good UK-based website about peak oil and its forum is probably the best way to communicate with other like-minded people. Includes information on local groups.

WTRG Economics
One of the best sites for keeping track of oil prices, updated daily and showing several different measures.

Centre for Alternative Technology
This centre in North Wales holds examples of sustainable living, including building methods and materials, food production, and alternative power sources. It is well worth visiting in person.

The Simpler Way
Ted Trainer has written about what he calls "The Simpler Way", restructuring towns and cities into sustainable, self-sufficient villages or suburbs. There is much to learn in his writings.


Other Sites Worth Visiting
Die Off PowerSwitch  
ODAC Ecotopia Glenn Morton
Oil Depletion Peakoil.org Oil Crisis
World Population UN Food & Agriculture Org Community Solution
Dry Dipstick Peak Oil Crisis Peak Oil News
Green Energy Solution The Lean Guide to Nuclear Energy  


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Radio Broadcasts

The RISE website has five downloadable broadcasts about the end of the oil age: (1) excerpts from Michael Ruppert's lecture "The Truth and Lies of 9-11"; (2) an interview with Colin Campbell about peak oil; (3) interviews with Jeremy Rifkin and Dale Allen Pfeiffer on alternative energy; (4) a discussion on technological and cultural changes that will come as oil production declines; (5) interviews about the current day use of alternative energy sources.

Well worth downloading and listening with the lights off!

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Here are various files which can be viewed and/or downloaded to your own computer. Some are external links (EXT), some to files stored on my site (INT). Most of them are Acrobat PDFs. If you cannot read them, you will have to go to the Adobe website to download the free copy of Acrobat Reader. To download the file, control-click (Macintosh) or right-click (PC) on the link and choose the appropriate command.

The End of Cheap Oil
INT. HTML page Authors: Colin Campbell and Jean Laherrère. The article in the March 1998 issue of Scientific American that started it all. A fine introduction. The file is also available as an external PDF (2.3 Mb).
Oil Ref. Datasheet 2004 figures
INT. 25 kb. PDF Author: Paul Thompson. A printable sheet containing the figures for discovery, consumption and production for various regions, in different units daily and annually. Useful when you need to quickly compare figures.
Convince Sheet
INT. 72 kb. PDF Author: Bruce Thomson. A summary of the peak oil problem with links.
The Twilight of the Modern World
INT. 632k. PDF. Author: Paul Thompson. A more detailed explanation of my "What to Do" page, about how I believe modern society will break down and how to handle it.
What to Do
INT. 49k Word document. Author: Ronald Greek. A document on how to cope with the aftermath on a personal, survival level.
Forecasting Future Production from Past Discovery
INT. 501 kb. PDF Author: Jean Laherrère. This is rather technical but, as the title suggest, illustrates how we can know that oil production is about to decline.
Post-Petroleum Paradigm
EXT. Webpage. Author: Walter Youngquist. An examination of the importance of oil exports for certain countries, and the world's dependence on oil and gas for agriculture.
Nuclear Power: Some Facts INT. 128 kb. PDF Author: Jan Villem Storm van Leeuwen. An explanation of the rarely mentioned problems with nuclear power - carbon emissions, uranium shortages, energy debt and costs.
Fuel Cell Folly INT. 140 kb. PDF Author: E R Pat Murphy. An article on how hydrogen may not be the panacea many people expect.


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iPod Media

There are three types of iPod-compatible media: audio, video and notes (text notes which can be read on iPods with screens). I hope to add various samples of media as I go along.

Oil Reference Datasheet 2004
NOTE 2kb. The Note version of the PDF shown in downloads. A handy reference to the basic figures of discovery, production and consumption.
Guide to Oil Jargon
ZIP file 9kb containing Notes. Seven Notes extracted from the Jargon page. Click here to see how to install.






Radio broadcasts


iPod media


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