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The Wolf at the Door website is now available in book form, printed by the print-on-demand company 'Lulu' and is US Letter (216 x 279) in size.

The book is laid out professionally (I am a graphic designer by training) with a full-colour cover but black and white pages (to keep the costs down). Just about everything on the website is in it, including the charts, as well as much more. Several sections have been expanded and some completely rewritten. It also includes the world oil map and the "Twilight of the Modern World" pdf (see Further Information). It has a full contents, index and a list of charts.

It contains 108 pages and the price is $8.50 (about £5.30 or €6.10 depending on currency values). On top of this you will have to add shipping.


To examine the Contents page, a sample chapter and the index, click on the links below.

Contents Page | Chap 5. Production | Index


To order the book, simply click on the button below and you will be taken to the Lulu website or go to www.lulu.com/watd.

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